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Barrenger Gnome Alone
V: Rushlight Limited Edition
M: Lovejoy Ninetta Crummles
Born on June 14th, 2006 - died on december 30th, 2006
Gnome Alone, we had named him Philo suffered from a birth defect. His diafram wasn't closed. Philo needed an emergency operation just after Christmas. This operation was succesfull but Philo did not recover as it should be. 2 Days after the operation, we suspected Philo to have FIP. At this stage he was very very ill.
It was impossibe that Philo would recover from FIP and to minimize his agony we decided to let him go.
It is so unfair, he was only 6 months old. He was only 3 months with us. We miss this little friendly bloke with his dark red blotched coat.

Ginger Toy's Orinocoflow
V: Umberto Katrin
M: Brananshan's Scarlet Whiskers
Born on April 2nd 2006 - died on May 22nd 2010
It is difficult to accept the way that Ori died. Her last litter had to be born by a caesarian because they were too big to come the natural way. During the preparations, Ori was already unconscious she vomitted. Food got into her bronchus. Everything went so quickly. Ori suffocated and died. Luckily her babies were saved in time and were immediately addopted by grandmother Bella Carlotta.
Ori was the joker in our family. Great friends with Red Rex and very attached to her mother Scarlet. In her life she gave us three litters. One litter of 7 reds (father Rex), 2nd litter also very large, 8 red kittens (father Rex), her last litter gave us 3 little ones (father of these kittens, a son of Bella Carlotta).
It hurts to loose such a young and healty animal, we were so looking forward to this litter because Ori was a perfect mum. We'll never forget her.

On July 15th, 2013 I had to say goodbye to my dearest friend Fresco. 2 weeks before his 26th birthday, which we where going to celebrat, we found him lying in his stable unable to stand up again. His upper leg was broken. I miss him terribly. He was born on July 29th 1987 and since the age of 2 we have been together.
Dearest Fresco, thank you so much for the wonderful years. Thank you for your loyalty, love, patience and friendship. I will never forget you.

Ginger Toy's Eponine (BRId - mackerel ghostmarking)
V: CH Felidae's Pacal
M: Cronk-Y-Voddy's Balvenie
Born on February 13th, 2001 - Died on November 26th, 2013
Dear Eponine, you were nearly 13 years old, when we had to say goodnight to you. It was a very difficult decision. You were not well for a month, we did not know what was wrong. You refused to eat. An X-ray showd a tumor in your chest. Before suffering too much we decided it was time. Eponine was a beautiful British Shorhair with a mackerel pattern. Ze had beautiful dark round eyes, even in her old age. Dearest Eponine you were our first Ginger Toy kitten, we have been very proud of you.
Eponine's first litter was born in July 2002. Four kittens were born. 2 ticked cream (boy and girl), 1 mackerel girl and a ticked girl. This ticked girl, Bella Carlotta, stayed in our cattery. Her 2nd litter was born in June 2004. She had only 1 red girl. Her last litter was born in March 2005. 2 red boys and 1 red girl.

Cronk-Y-Voddy's Balvenie (BRId)
S: INT.CH. Sevqili Kedi's Arwin
D: Cronk-Y-Voddy's Candra
Date of birth: 27.02.1999 - Died on January 31st 2014
Our dearest Balvenie was our first British Shorthair. With her and Pacal we started our Cattery. Balvenie had a great hobby : empty all the food bowls. Only a month to go and she could celebrate her 15th birthday, but when we noticed she was not responding to her great hobby and was loosing weight we got worried. A bloodtest told us she had severe kidney failure. This was the moment we had to let go our dear mouse.
Balvenie had her 1st litter in February 2001. 4 red kittens were born.!!! 3 girls and 1 boy, one of the girls (Eponine) stayed.
Balvenie was a very lovely, cudly and friendly girl. She liked to be petted all day.

Int.Ch. Piperswood Red Rex (BRId - blotched ghostmarking)
V: G CH Dubolly Reddy Steady Glow
M: Vectensian Red Sky
Date of birth : 03.05.2006 - Died on April 10th 2015
We are very sad we have lost our deep dark English gentleman Rex. Rex was master in purring. Almost 9 years old. You've gone too soon dear friend. Just after Easter we noticed you were not so well and you rapidly became seriously ill because you suffered from kidney desease which you kept secret for us. You have always been a very good babysitter, you were everybodies friend. We miss you terribly.

AmariŽ Red Planet (BRId - blotched ghostmarking)
V: GIC Aziz The Camelkeeper from Faroe, CZ
M: CH Cronk-Y-Voddy's Queen Amidala
Date of birth: 20.09.2003 - Died on November 14th 2015
Dear Ruby, we had to let you go. You had suffered enough. In September 2015 we found tumors in your milk lines. A very agressive form. We decided to have them removed, knowing they could come back again. It only lasted 2 months. We did not wait untill the bitter end. She did no deserve that. We'll miss you dear lady.
Ruby had 5 litters. First litter was born in 2015. Four kittens, 2 red blotched boys and 2 beautifull red spotted girls. Her 2nd litter came in March 2006. Again 4 babies. 2 boys cream and 2 boys red, one of which blotched. In November 2007 her 3rd litter (Father Rex) was born. Also this was a quartet. 2 girls red blotched, 1 cream blotched girl and a cream boy. Her 4th litter in March 2009, also sired by Rex gave us 6 red blotched kittens. 3 girls and 3 boys. Her last litter of 5 babies were born in May 2011 from Cronk-Y-voddy's Bing - creme tabby blotched (agouti) brought us a surpise. Our first longhair red tabby blotched boy and 2 cream tabby blotched boys and 2 red tabby blotched boys. Tobias one of the blotched boys stayed in our cattery.

Felidae's Pacal (BRId - with ghostmarking)
S: CH Cabriole's Paddington Bear
D: Chicane van het Racecircuit
Date of birth: 26.04.1999 - Died on September 13th, 2016
Pacal was our 2nd British Shorthair to come into our lives. He was a very sweet and an affectionate boy. Together with Balvenie we started our cattery. Pacal was a very special friend. Every visitor immediately loved him and named him Garfield. Pacalli we miss you so much. You have been with us so many years. In your younger days you have sired a lot of queens, you must have been father of about 50 children. It was very hard to say goodbye but you could not go on anymore. For always you'll be in our hearts.

Ginger Toy's Bella Carlotta (BRId - ticked ghostmarking)
S: CH Felidae's Charlie
D: Ginger Toy's Eponine
Date of birth: 01.07.2002 - Died on May 8th, 2017
At the age of nearly 15 years old we had to let go our 'grand Diva'Bella. She was the head of our red nation. She was our first ticked lady with beautiful small ears and a very thick crispy coat. She had 3 small litters, only boys. Besides that she adopted Ori's babies after the unfortunate death of Ori during her C-section. We miss you Bella.


Ginger Ally van Zummeren (BRId 22)
S: Zidane Britabby *PL
D: Gaia Gajus British Red CZ
Date of birth : 01.07.2002 - Died on February 14th 2018
There are no words to describe our grief. You were too young. One day you were fine, next day you were very ill. Only 2 days later we had to let you go. It is such a shame. We waited so long for you. You turned our house upside down together with your friend Udine. We all miss you very much little Ginny.