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Cheekimsky's Hazel (BRId - blotched ghostmarking)
S: GIC Positively Cloten
D: Cheekimsky's Chizzle
Date of birth: 30.05.2009
Bloodtype : A
HCM/PKD neg. tested on 18.05.2011
HCM retest on 13.08.2012
Summer 2009 Hazel was welcomed into our cattery. She was born at Cattery Cheekimsky from Willy vd Vegt. We are very pleased with her. By her we received something back from our own cats. Bella Carlotta and Scarlet Whiskers are both greatgrandmothers to Hazel. Hazel has a very nice blotched thick crispy coat.
On July 28th, 2011 her first litter was born. Father of the kittens is Dangerous Dude van 't Konkelgoed (DeeDee's brother). 4 kittens were born. 1 red self boy, 1 red self girl and 2 red boys with blotched ghostmarkings. The red self girl, Lady Lovely stayed with us in the cattery.
Om March 3rd 2013 Hazels 2nd litter was born. 3 blochted (2 boys, 1 girl) and 2 selfs (2 boys). Also this time is Dangerous Dude van 't Konkelgoed father of the kittens.
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28-03-2010 - Felikat/Spijkenisse - Ex 1 (kitten class).
12-09-2010 - Felikat/Schiedam - 1st CAC.
30-01-2011 - Neocat/Utrecht - 2nd CAC and BIV.

Ginger Toy's Lady Lovely (BRId - ticked ghostmarking)
S: Dangerous Dude van 't Konkelgoed
D: Cheekimsky's Hazel
Date of birth: 26.7.2011
Bloodtype : A
HCM/PKD neg. tested on 13.08.2012
HCM retest neg. tested on 22.12.2014
HCM retest neg. tested on 25.04.2016
This is Hazel's little girl. Her father is DeeDee's brother. She is a very sweet girl.
On August 6, 2013, her first litter was born. Father of the kittens is Tobias. It was a litter of 4 kittens. 1 red ticked tabby girl, 1 red tabby blotched boy, 1 red self boy and 1 red girl with blotched ghostmarking. The red ticked tabby girl, Lady Miah Mahogany stayed with us in the cattery. Her second litter was born in February 2015, 1 boy and 1 girl, both tabby ticked. Her 3rd litter was born on July 25th 2016, this was an utter suprise. Only one baby boy, tabby ticked was born.
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16-11-2011 - Felikat/Bodegraven - Ex 1 (kitten class - kitten and neuter show)
29-01-2012 - Neocat/Utrecht - Ex 1 (kitten class), BIV and nominated BIS
03.10.2015 - Mundikat/Boxtel - CAC

Gabi Britabby *PL (BRId 25 - ticked tabby)
S: GIC Harley am Trotzbach (BRId 25)
D: IC Bessie Brytek*PL (BRIe 22)
Date of birth: 14.12.2011
Bloodtype : B
HCM/PKD neg. tested on 06.05.2013
HCM retest neg. tested on 17.02.2014
HCM retest neg. tested on 19.10.2015
This precious little girl is born in Poland in cattery Britabby from Lilianna Szwarc. Gabi is a red ticked tabby with a very delightful caracter. She is absolutely lovely. We love her to bits. Lila thank you so much for this darling.
On March 3rd, 2013 her first litter from Tobias was born. A litter of 4 tabby kittens, 1 tabby blotched boy, 1 tabby blotched girl, 1 tabby mackerel boy and 1 tabby ticked longhair boy. In June 2014 Gabi 2nd litter was born. It was a litter of 6 but 1 mackerel boy and a blotched boy unfortunately died after 2 days. The other 4 babies were 2 very strong red tabby ticked boys, a tabby ticked girl and a cream girl. Her 3rd litter was born on February 12th 2016. A litter of 6. Only 4 of them made it. 1 red ticked girl, 1 red tabby ticked girl and 2 red tabby ticked boys.
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16-09-2012 - Felikat/Schiedam - Ex 1 (kitten class - 6-10 months)
26-01-2014 - Neocat/Houten - ZG
16-09-2012 - Felikat/Schiedam - Ex 1 (kitten class - 6-10 months)
03.10.2015 - Munikat/Boxtel - CAC (as tabby ticked)

Ginger Toy's Lady Miah Mahogany (BRId 25 - ticked tabby)
S: Ginger Toy's Tobias
D: Ginger Toy's Lady Lovely
Date of birth : 06.08.2013
HCM/PKD neg. tested on 22.12.2014
Bloodtype : ? most likely A
This darling is our 2nd ticeked tabby girl. She is very playful and everybody's friend. In the middle of the night of 11/12 July 2015 she gave birth via C-section. Only one kitten was born. Unfortunatley this baby boy was put to rest because it was born with an open belly. Next day our friend Willy van der Vegt from Cattery Cheekimksy brought 2 red boys out of her litter of 5 for Miah. Miah accepted them instandly and was able to be a mother. Her little face was shining with joy.
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26-01-2014 - Neocat/Houten - Ex 1 and BIV (kitten class - 3-6 months

Perelka Britabby PL (BRId)
S: GIC Harley am Trotzbach, PL
M: Baffi Britabby, PL
Date of birth: 27.09.2013
Bloodtype .... presumably B
HCM/PKD neg. tested on 25.04.2016
Perelka, pearl in Polish, is half sister of Gabi. We picked her up after a lovely weekend in Poland with Lilianna Szwarc.
Perelka is a red self. She is a sweet and cudley cat. Loves to sleep very close to you during the night.
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03.10.2015 - Mundikat Boxtel - Ex 2 (kitten Klasse).

Udine AstriBri*LT (BRId - spot ghostmarking)
V: WCH. AT*Palace Dalicats Elton
M: Ginger Toy's Lady Lovely
Date of birth : 08.07.2016
HCM/PKD test ....
Bloodtye : A
The girl with the beautiful eyes. Udine is born in Lithuania. She is a very friendly, easy going girl. Thank you Asta, for this darling.

Ginger Toy's Bad Hairday (BLH d25)
V: Zidane Britabby *PL
M: Gabi Britabby *PL
Date of birth : 18.12.2017
HCM/PKD test. .....
Bloodtype .... most likely B
The Fluff. We just adore this little sweetheart. We just could not sell her. /B>