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British Shorthair Cattery Ginger Toy.......
when it needs to be red !!!!!!
Welcome on our site. We, Werner and Tanny Zander, fell in love with the British Shorthairs some 17 years ago. The reds conquered our hearts.
We loved them so much that we decided to set-up a small breeding sceme.
Our aim is to breed a nice well type red british shorthair. And special to us is the ticked red one, but since we have Rex we also adore the classic types.
All our cats are living indoors, alltogether. Two or three times a year we have a litter. The kittens are growing up surounded by the group and our son.
The kittens are ready to leave their home at the age of 13 weeks, they are properly vaccinated and dewormed. We expect the new owners, to visit us at least once to meet their new friend. Also we are not happy to place one of our kittens where they have no company from another cat or kitten. Our kittens grow up in a large social group and homing a kitten all by himself could make him/her very sad.
 (On the picture: Gabi's first litter, born March 9th, 2013.)